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MGHS Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Our Athletics Hall of Fame celebrates Mount Gilead’s most talented and influential student-athletes. Nearly 100 student-athletes have earned the honor of being inducted into this group.

1999 Monty Ward
  Brad Dodrill
  Ted Moody
  Dr. Francis W. Kubbs 
  Jerry Staley
  Mike Curtis
  Gary Curts
  Maynard Goare
  Gena Coursen
  Kent Baker
  Paul Bremigan
  Hartsell Dodrill
  Jerry White
2000 Ronald Thill
  Thad Fidler
  Tina McFarland
  Richard Wiehe
  Michael Zwayer
  Randall Weber
  Rolland Thill
  Richard Miracle
2001 Ron Nixon
  Bob Wehr
  Ron Holtrey
  Tom Zwayer
  Brian Robinson
2002 Kim (Smith) Baldridge
  Ron McCracken
  Denny Gallagher
  Robert Payne
2003 Paul Buckmaster
  John Chapman
  Robin (Keene) Hardway
  Gale Weller
2004 Rod Clinger
  Jeff Harper
  Chris Kubbs
  Jack Lancaster
  Sue (Willeke) Middaugh
2005 Harley Hanna
  Brian Hershey
  Shane Schaffer
2006 Larry Furniss
  Dwight Jensen
  Rick McPeek
  Jim Rizor
2007 Brent Bachelder
  Jim Gooding
  Rick VanHouten
2008 Dan Campbell
  John Coning
  Andi Hoffman
2009 Jennifer Gress
  Jake Haughn
  Jana Irwin
  John Zilske
2010 Tyler Harman
  Evan Hartman
  Brian Rausch
  Jeff Scohy
  Casey Thomas
2011 Ted Furniss
  Jamie (Leffler) Schaad
  Shelby Louis
  Chad VanSickle
2012 Morgan (Heacock) Dettra
  Joe Edwards
  Kelly Nesbitt
  Terry Jay Turner
2013 Mike Holtrey
  Cameron Johnson
  Kristyn Shipman
2014 Lindy Rogers
2015 Trisha Hart
2016 No nominations 
2017 R. Dennis Blose
  Michael Lepp
  Kyle Oyster
2018 Mikaela Bush
  Jake Hayes
  Ryan Hosack
2019 Caleb Dettra
  Greg Gompf
  Eli Hartman
2020     No nominations
2021      No nominations 
2022     No nominations
2023 Jonah Barnett
  Richard "Dick" Campbell
  Deondre Cook
  Jenna Shipman
2024 Xavier Harris
  Kolby Snyder
Inductees are recognized for this prestigious honor at our annual Hall of Fame awards program. Each inductee is presented with a personal plaque highlighting his or her contribution to the Mount Gilead High School athletic program.