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Dear Mount Gilead Schools Community,

As we transition from Fall to Winter, we’ll be gearing up for Winter Sports and Activities very soon.  As a Superintendent, I always appreciate the change in seasons because I know there will be additional opportunities for students to be involved in activities they love and along with these will come new memories made, new friendships, and new opportunities for leaders to emerge.  Thank you Mount Gilead Schools Community for supporting our kids throughout the Fall Season and we hope you can join us at the upcoming Winter events to cheer our kids on!  Congratulations to our Cross Country Teams (Kimberly Staley and the Boys Team in particular for qualifying for the State Meet) and showing the State of Ohio that the State Title runs through Mount Gilead, Ohio!

Our School Year has started off well, and we appreciate the partnership between our school district and our stakeholders.  I’m happy to share that the work that is being done on a day to day basis has led to an improved State Report Card where we earned 4 out of 5 Stars and plan to continue a positive trajectory moving forward.  Perhaps the most important component we can harp on as a school district is continuing to build strong relationships between the staff, students, parents, and community members.  One microcosm of this endeavor is seen every morning at Park Avenue Elementary where they’ve started a new tradition of holding a “Morning Pow Wow” each day.  During this time, every student meets in the Gym with their individual class and expectations and celebrations are shared amongst every individual in the building.  It's a wonderful, positive way to start each day with recognizing birthdays by the entire student body singing to them.  Students also recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Park Avenue Elementary / PAX Pledge - “Indians are Responsible, Respectful, and Safe.  We will be good PAX leaders today!”

One primary component of our Strategic Plan is Goal #1- “Increase positive interactions through mentorship for all students”.   Specifically, we’re trying to increase “Parent Involvement”, “Community Involvement” and have added a “School Resource Officer”.  Park Avenue Elementary has reached out to Parents/Guardians and have invited them to volunteer in the building through a variety of means.  There are multiple ways to do this and if you’re interested - whether this is at Park Avenue or one of our other buildings, we are always looking for additional ways to get parents/guardians involved.  Recently, every 9th Grade Student attended a Job Fair that was held in partnership with the Morrow County Office of Economic Development.  Many of our stakeholders attended this event to share their career experiences and we thank them all!  Officer Turner, our SRO has continued to build positive relationships with our students and has recently provided safety education to our students as witnessed during “Safety Town” and “Red Ribbon Week”.  

It’s an honor to serve this great school community as your superintendent

Dr. Zack Howard

Mount Gilead Schools


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