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Food Service


Our food service professionals pride themselves on preparing and offering students nutritional, delicious meal choices each school day!

Annually, the Department undergoes an Administrative/Compliance Audit conducted by the Ohio Department of Education's Office of Child and Nutrition. We are pleased to share that the department met all of the rigorous performance standards. The kitchens at each school also underwent on-site inspections and received high marks from the Morrow County Health District!

The District offers both students and parents the convenience of an online management of student accounts. Funds can be deposited into student accounts by sending cash or check to the school or via credit/debit cards using PaySchools Central. For those choosing cash/check options - please be sure to mark with your students' name and amount to be applied. 


Director of Food Services

Autumn Pauley
(419) 947-6065 x 1021



Breakfast and Lunch menus are available through Nutrislice. 

Please be advised, breakfast and lunch menus are subject to change due to availability of food.


Families are again responsible for the cost of student meals. Funds can be placed on student accounts online at PaySchools Central or by sending cash/check payments to school offices. Mount Gilead EV Schools meal charges are as follows:

Elementary  schools:
Breakfast Charge $1.50
Breakfast Reduced:$0.30
Lunch Charge: $2.75
Lunch Reduced: $0.40

Middle/High schools: 
Breakfast Charge $1.50
Breakfast Reduced: $0.30
Lunch Charge: $3.00
Lunch Reduced: $0.40

The Mount Gilead  Board of Education Approved Policy 8500D - PROCEDURE FOR THE COLLECTION AND PAYMENT FOR CHARGED MEALS (April 18, 2023)

It is the responsibility of the parents to provide for lunch for their children while at school.  However, it is important to provide that children receive the nutrition they need to stay focused during the school day. This procedure shall apply in the event that a child neither has a lunch nor the funds to purchase a lunch.

Students may carry debt up to $50.00 at which time a letter will be sent home notifying parents/guardians that there is an unpaid balance in the amount of over $50.00.  Parents will be encouraged to complete the free and reduced lunch form that will be attached the letter.

Parents or guardians will need to pay the balance or have a parent payment plan approved.

Beyond a negative balance of $75.00, students will be provided a standard USDA guideline permitted meal that will not be the menued lunch of the day.

A student's parents, teacher, and Principal will all be notified of the delinquency in the student's account each time it is necessary for the student to charge a meal to give the parents time to send a check or cash to school with their child.

Parents may also pay for school meals via the Internet through the District’s Nutrition Services website.

At the discretion of each Principal, a school or private service fund may be established to pay for student’s charged meals, rather than to offer the alternative meal. The Nutrition Services Manager will work with each Principal to determine a payment schedule for these meals.

However, this guideline prohibits:

  1. the requiring of any student who cannot pay for a school meal or who has a negative meal payment balance to wear a wristband or handstamp;
  2. the requiring of any student who cannot pay for a school meal or who has a negative meal payment balance to perform chores or other work to pay for school meals:
  3. the requiring of any student to dispose of a meal after it has been served because the student is unable to pay for the meal or has a negative payment balance;
  4. discussing a negative meal payment balance with a student in the presence of other students.

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Parents can place money onto a student account at PaySchools Central ( Students may also bring in cash or check to their school office to add to their account. 


 ***We encourage parents to pay online so funds can be pre-loaded to the student's account well before their arrival at lunchtime.***

Pay School Central offers the following features:

  • Payments on Pay School Central can be made by with a debit card or credit card
  • Allows the ability to set up automatic recurring payments along with being notified via email when account balance runs low on the student's lunch account
  • Report features that provide history on all purchases and balances
  • A credit card transaction fee of 3.9% will be charged for processing the funds if funds are loaded online


The USDA' “Fee Waiver Application & Free or Reduced-Price School Meal Application” is still used for the consideration of the waiving of fees/assessments for Mount Gilead EV Schools, so those who may qualify should submit this application for the purpose of the waiver of fees for the 2022-2023 school year.

Families needing hard copies of the forms are asked to contact the their student's school office.