Fiscal Officer
The treasurer serves as the chief financial officer of the school district and is responsible for the receipt, investment, accounting and disbursement of all types of public funds as required by law and in accordance with board policies. The treasurer is not a member of the board, but serves as its secretary at board meetings.  To see the upcoming Board of Education Agenda's please click the link below. 

The Mt. Gilead Exempted Village School District’s Treasurer’s Department handles all financial matters of the Board of Education and the District. This involves the receipting, safekeeping, accounting for, and disbursement of all public funds as required by law and in accordance with Board regulations and policies. The Treasurer’s Department maintains a complete and systematic set of financial records in accordance with State of Ohio statute, the Auditor of the State of Ohio, and the Bureau of Public Inspection and Supervision. The Treasurer’s Department administers all payroll functions and employee benefit programs. The Treasurer also performs duties for Board of Education including maintaining the official minutes and all other correspondence and the public records of the district.

The links are to the current 5 year forecast for our district and must be submitted each October and May of the current fiscal year.  There are comparisons available to each resident of Mt. Gilead and the comparison to similar size districts around the state of Ohio.

As a fellow taxpayer and Treasurer of Mt. Gilead Exempted Village School District I encourage each of you review our district financially.

Best regards,

Tina Gabler
419.946.1646  ext 5011

Mrs. Nancy Goossens          
Assistant Treasurer

Mrs. Susan Delaney
Assistant Treasurer
Accounts Payable


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