Hybrid Learning

Mt. Gilead Middle School is starting a program called “hybrid learning” to guide classroom instruction in language arts, math, science and social studies.  Hybrid learning combines digital resources with proven teaching methods to create a more dynamic and personalized learning environment at school. Research shows that these types of arrangements can increase student engagement and improve academic performance.


While hybrid learning itself is new in practice, it is rooted in the sound research and the following long-standing principles:


  1. Data-driven placement
  2. Differentiated instruction
  3. Small student groups
  4. Varied learning modalities.


Hybrid learning will help teachers deliver more focused instruction to students in smaller group settings and encourage more peer-to-peer classroom interactions. It will provide the same lesson materials in different ways to appeal to the students’ individual learning preferences. It also will help our children develop important skills like using technology, learning independently and working on a team.


It is important to note that hybrid learning is not distance education or cyber school. Computers and other digital resources are used in a classroom under the supervision of a teacher. The implementation of technology also does not mean that teachers are ceding their jobs to computers. Hybrid learning, in fact, serves the opposite purpose. It helps teachers provide more focused instruction to small groups of students instead of having to give lectures.

Digital educational resources are essential for students today because they:


  1. Allow students to learn at their own pace
  2. Keep students engaged while the teacher provides specialized attention to individual groups
  3. Measure and report student progress
  4. Present the same lesson materials in different ways.


Lastly, hybrid learning does not require students to have computer or internet access at home. Any child from any background can benefit from this type of curriculum.  Considering education’s increased focus on relevance and rigor to meet and exceed 21st century learning skills, hybrid learning provides the solid foundation needed for all students to succeed. 


For more information on hybrid learning, please contact Jon Grega at jgrega@mgschools.org.


For more information, click on the introductory video below!