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Student Council and Class Officers 2020-2021


Students recently voted for Class and Student Council positions.  Here are your results for the 2020-2021 school year:



President Shelba Fisher

Vice President Emma McDonald

Secretary Tyara Wood

Treasurer Keana Littell



Vice President Jillian West-Johnston

Secretary Alexis Baldwin



President Mason Kidwell

Vice President Briana Zeger

Secretary Madi Swalley

Treasurer Joel Conrad

Junior Class Representatives: Becca Staley, Ella Fraizer



President Sarah Cooper

Vice President Dylon Jones

Secretary Brett Shipman

Treasurer Ali Johnson

Senior Class Representatives: Jaclyn Morehart, Selia Shipman, Emily Hanft


And here are your 2020-2021 Student Council Officers:

President Logan Trimmer

Vice President Caden Mosher

Secretary Bailee Williams

Treasurer Nathan Parsons

Student Body representatives for student council: Shellie Arp, Brande Harwell, Kylie Irwin, Maria Rubio


Congratulations to the new officers and representatives! Thank you to everyone who ran for office this year!

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