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The Mount Gilead EVS provides a variety of technology tools to support student learning. Our technology infrastructure supports a wide variety of technologies such as: IP Telephony, Video Streaming, Security (IP Cameras, Alerting Devices), Wireless Access, and Web-based Applications just to name a few. Our District Technology Team oversees technology operations, makes recommendations, and contributes to the development of the District Technology Plan.

The district computer network supports a variety of programs and services including:

• Several computer labs are available throughout the day to provide students access to information and curriculum specific software.

• Special and adaptive technologies provide diverse tools for students.

• Computer classrooms for grades K-5 have 3 to 5 computers for student access. Students begin typing in second grade and continue through eighth grade. Students have access to technology solutions such as:

  1. Education City - We are excited to offer this web based educational solution to our K-6 students. It offers fun and educational activities for children.
  2. Kidspiration - Students build graphic organizers by combining pictures, text and spoken words to represent thoughts and information.
  3. Raz-Kids - This is our online reading program. Make sure to ask your student's teacher for the login code for Raz-Kids. Your child can read at home and the progress is tracked at school.
  4. Glogster - Our High School and Middle School Students use this site to create Graphic Web Logs (Glogs). This encourages creative presentation of material and collaborative projects.
  5. Promethean Boards - The leader in Educational Interactive White Board technology. These boards make the classrooom instantly interactive.

• Audio/Visual Classroom Aids - Every classroom in the entire district has been outfitted with a sound enhancement system. This ensures that material is delivered consistent to each student by amplifying the teacher's voice or sound of multimedia piece being presented to the same level to each student.

• Computer supported Libraries teach students to access, assess, and use information wisely.

• Content filtered Internet access is on every computer.

• Wireless computer access is available across the entire district.
• Network services includes: Electronic Mail, the District Web Site which now includes Online Classrooms, ProgressBook, Managed Internet Content Filtering, VPN Access, Wireless Access, Domain User Accounts, Network Storage, On-Line Help Desk, and IP Telephony.
• Many behind the scenes systems support student demographics, scheduling, and records, heating ventilation and air conditioning, building security (IP Cameras and Alerting Devices), network security, building public address system, and asset management.

All MGEVS Technology Committee details and minutes may be found at the link below.

If you ever have any Technology concerns or questions please feel free to call, e-mail or stop by the district office.  



Technology Help Line  7000


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